Airway & Breathing Disorders

Airway Orthodontic Appliances:

The Nose is for Breathing and the Mouth is for Eating. Breath through your Nose – it will make you Healthier

Roughly 70% of the population have issues with airway flow. There are 4 points of obstruction:

  • Nares (Nose Openings)
  • Turbinate’s (Inner Nose)
  • Soft Palate (Back Of Throat)
  • Oropharyngeal (Tonsils)

We treat the “root cause” of crooked teeth not the symptoms. The orthotic system we use, if started early, will prevent crooked teeth and prevent future sleep disordered breathing by teaching "optimum oral function" with myofunctional therapy. Talk to one of our knowledgeable clinicians about this innovative system.

Airway Breathing Disorder: Is a condition which restricts the amount of air entering the most posterior area of the mouth and the initial entrance to the throat. Our dental orthotic will allow more efficient airflow to the lungs and our knowledgeable clinicians will teach "optimum oral function" techniques along with nutritional counselling.

Our office screens for sleep breathing disorders and refers for testing if you exhibit clinical oral signs. Our focus is to treat the root cause of the problem not the symptoms. The clinicians will address the issue and offer solutions to overcome the disorder. Talk to one of out knowledgeable team members the next time you visit the office. Research shows we can prevent and cure sleep apnea in children but only maintain sleep apnea in adults. Our orthotic system (for ages between 3 and 15) straightens teeth the natural way by establishing nasal breathing, trains the tongue to position to the correct spot, retrains oral musculature, expand arches, straightens crooked teeth and prevents future sleep apnea in children between the ages of 3 to 15.

Request an appointment today to see if you or your child qualify for this innovative treatment.